2007 CU Solar Decathlon: These images are of the construction and deconstruction in Colorado, transport, and reconstruction in Washington DC, of the University of Colorado’s 2007 entry in the Solar Decathlon. The 800 square foot one-bedroom house design was developed and built over the course of two semesters by a group of architecture and engineering students for whom I was the architecture teacher. The scheme is based around a prefabricated east/west spine holding all servant and mechanical spaces, constructed from a 40’ ISO shipping container. The living, dining and office spaces - built with SIPs - attach to this core’s south side while the bedroom sits to the north. A roof-integrated hybrid photovoltaic/solar-thermal system, in combination with a water-to-water heat pump and hot and cold water storage tanks, powers and conditions the building. All utilities and distribution systems are confined to the container core, allowing multiple future configurations of served spaces. The house has since been brought back to Colorado and was exhibited at the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver.

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