1004 Plateau Rd: This net-zero energy residence nearing completion in Prospect will serve as a private home and a demonstration facility for solar technologies. The design incorporates numerous environmental construction technologies, strategies, and best-practices. It is powered entirely by a translucent, bi-facial photovoltaic array, which also functions as a shade canopy for its third level roof garden. Heating and cooling loads are minimized through passive design techniques such as a narrow plan on an east/west axis; optimally shaded and tuned high-performance glazing; a fly-ash concrete thermal-storage mass wall; natural ventilation and daylighting design; and an earth-tube cooling loop. Its thermal loads and losses are further decreased by superinsulation of the building envelope and the use of heat reflecting cladding and roofing materials. Low-demand lighting fixtures and appliances, and high-efficiency HVAC and water heating equipment, minimize electric loads, and low-flow plumbing fixtures reduce water use. The house is on track to meet LEED Platinum Certification.

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